Shoebox Train Wreck

Shoebox Train Wreck
by John Mantooth
ChiZine Publications • 2012

One of my favourite projects, as the text itself was inspiring. I created relief print headers for each short story, as well as additional imagery for frontis piece, endpapers, and foil stamp of the Limited Edition Hardcover.

Book available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, at finer book stores, and direct from the publisher.


End Paper

End papers for the Limited Edition Hardcover

Foil Stamp

Foil Stamp for the Limited Edition Hardcover

Blocks and Print

Stack of loose blocks and prints


Signing the Signature Sheet for the Limited Edition Hardcover

Frontis Piece

Frontispiece for the Limited Edition Hardcover

On the Mountain

“On the Mountain”



Halloween Comes

“Halloween Comes to County Rd. Seven”

This is Where the Road Ends

“This is Where the Road Ends”



Shoebox Train Wreck

“Shoebox Train Wreck”



The Water Tower

“The Water Tower”



Saving Doll

“Saving Doll”

Thirteen Scenes

“Thirteen Scenes from Your Twenty-Fourth Year”

The Cecilia Paradox

“The Cecilia Paradox”

A Long Fall into Nothing

“A Long Fall into Nothing”



Walk the Wheat

“Walk the Wheat”

The Best Part

The Best Part

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