• Ghost Reef

    Ghost Reef • 2016 Movable Book Society Award Winner

  • How-To: Creating a mini-book

    How-To: Create Your Own Mini-Book

  • Origami: Squares

    Origami: Squares

  • Cunieform: Quilt

    Cuneiform: Quilt

  • Shoebox Train Wreck

    Shoebox Train Wreck

  • Peckinpah: An Ultraviolent Romance

    Peckinpah: An Ultraviolent Romance

  • Boxes & Books

    Boxes & Books

Welcome to the Online Gallery of Printmaker and Artist Danny Evarts.

Here you can browse through prints, drawings and paintings, book and fiber arts, and many other visual tidbits he has created.
Have a look around, be inspired to create for yourself, and if you're in the mood, stop by the Shop and pick up a print or two.

A few select projects are shown below. Select an image to view details and further images from any of these.
You can also select a button to narrow down the list to those containing only related works from a specific style or category.
A more complete viewing of projects can be found in the Portfolio.