Owen: Anthem & Arms

Owen: Anthem & Arms
Hand and machine-stitched Papers and fabrics. Acrylic image transfers.

Another in my series of works based on writers, Owen was made in honour of the WWI British poet, Wilfred Owen. It was an attempt at mirroring the memorial windows found in some churches in England, while capturing the spirit of the poet's works. The title itself comes from two of his poems (the text of which are also transferred onto the piece itself along with imagery of Wilfred owen in the horizontal stripe and center piece), "Anthem for Doomed Youth," and "Arms and the Boy." The names listed down the vertical stripe are those of many of my own ancestors and closer relatives, from the 1600s on, who served in the military.

I've never really been happy with the end result of this piece, as it seems to me to need something more in the white spaces to mimic old clear glass stained window panes. I've not been able to come up with a viable solution to this, however.


Owen (Detail)

Detail view