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Mindless Drawings

I like to doodle, whatever comes into my head. Often mindless things or subjects, but it's a release. Shown here are a few pen and ink drawings.


Gaijin in Japan
Scenes from a summer in Japan. A self-portrait of sorts

American Self

“American Self”
Self-portrait of sorts, ca. 1998.

Choir Boy

Another random self-portrait. You can tell by the freckles.
ca. 1998


An early sketch for a shoulder and upper back and arm tattoo for a friend.


Done while living in Japan.


Dead Madonna

“Shrine of the Dead Madonna”
ca. 1992
One of the first things I drew when first I started drawing (and attached text rom a biblical passage in the background). Inspired to a visit to the Shrine of the Black Madonna in Jasna Gora Monastery, Poland in my late teens.