Cunieform: Quilt

Cunieform: Quilt
Hand-stitched, painted, and dyed banana bark papers and canvas. Cotton and hemp threads.

This was an early fiber experiment with stitching and color. I tortured some large sheets of paper made of banana tree bark and cotton, then stitched them together. I then sewed this sheet onto a cotton batting, raising the spiral by gathering up the cotton and paper and stitching the materials tightly. This was then stitched on to a quilted background of painted canvas.

There is a journal entry hidden in/ on this piece, entitled "The Illusion of Dream." The words were painted onto the papers after they were stitched together, but before the spirals were added. I often hide (or purposefully reveal) words and text in my fiber pieces, as stories have been a strong influence in my life.

Cuneiform: Quilt

Cuneiform: Quilt (Detail)

Detail View

Quilt Maquette

Cuneiform Quilt: Maquette
App. 18″x12″x1.5″
Hand-stitched, dyed and painted paper.
This was the Maquette, or test piece, I did before starting on the larger project.

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