Matthew’s Memories

"Matthew's Memories" is an upcoming book by author Scott Christian Carr and myself. The end result will be fully illustrated, using a series of digitally-coloured prints and a collage of clippings, textures, etc. These are a couple of samples from the book, as well as a rough mock-up for a cover.

The idea for the project was sparked while we were sitting out on a lawn during a convention, chatting the night away. The discussion turned to recurring dreams, and it came up that both Scott and I had childhood recurring dreams that were very similar. He took this story created something new from it. Not only a discussion of the vagaries of memory and "reality," but of our personal nightmares.


Matthew's Memories Mock

Cover Mock-Up for Matthew’s Memories

Matthew's Memories

Matthew’s Memories

Matthew's Memories Colour

Matthew’s Memories. Digitally Coloured.


San Antonio

Greetings from San Antonio. Digitally Coloured.